Rich in history, the land encompassing the Lake Success Eco Business Park in Bridgeport and Stratford, Connecticut played a key role in the industrial revolution of the early twentieth century. From 1905 until 1989, Remington Arms used the Lake Success property to manufacture and test large- and small-caliber munitions. Today, the property is under the ownership of Sporting Goods Properties, Inc., a subsidiary of Corteva Agriscience, the successor to DuPont and Remington Arms.

Site Description

The Lake Success Eco Business Park property includes 422 acres of land, of which 344 acres are located in Bridgeport, and 78 acres are located in Stratford. The main entrance to the property is located off Asylum Street in Bridgeport. A second entrance is located on Broadbridge Avenue near its intersection with Broadmere Road in Stratford.

The Lake Success Eco Business Park property is characterized by three distinct land features: former industrial areas, densely wooded sections containing rich habitat and the 23-acre Lake Success for which the property is named.

A unique opportunity exists to integrate a low impact development within the ecological setting, creating a harmonious balance between people and nature. The future of this property can be one that benefits the City through economic development and job creation, while conserving a large majority of the open space and ecological features that exist at the site.

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